Practice Snorkel in Mahahual, Costa Maya

Enjoy the beautiful reefs and warm waters in Mahahual, Quintana Roo

Snorkeling is one of the main activities that can be done to get to know the beautiful Mahahual reef, with the use of basic snorkeling equipment consisting of a mask, Snorkel , fins and life jacket. Without the need for previous experience you can get to know for an hour in the company of your Divemaster the coral formations to see the species that inhabit this beautiful ecosystem, such as fish, crustaceans, moray eels, manta rays and with some luck even turtles.


Fish Tank

Blocks of coral colonies developed within a lagoon that form the reef as a protective barrier, by staying on the inner side of the lagoon you will be protected from most of the waves and currents so that you will not be exposed to very challenging or dangerous conditions. Average depth of approximately 2 meters and a maximum of 4.

Practice Snorkel in
Mahahual, Costa Maya

$40 USD
Duration: 1:30 hours

What is included?

- One hour in the water
- 15 minutes boat ride to get to the he site and to come back
- Full Snorkel equipment

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