Scuba Diving in Chinchorro

Discover the Chinchorro Nature Reserve in Mahahual, Quintana Roo

Chinchorro is an atoll and protected nature reserve located 36 kilometers from Mahahual, it is the largest atoll in the northern hemisphere and the second largest in the world. Its Geographic Location, the sustainable management plan of the government agencies involved and the fact that it does not have towns or settlements makes it one of the best preserved diving sites in Mexico and the world. Famous for the excellent health of its corals, abundant marine life, pelagics, tropical fish, coral formations, and unusual coral cover.

Diving in Chinchorro is like traveling to the past!

Map Scuba Diving in Chinchorro

Dive Sites

Coral Negro

Undoubtedly, an iconic site in Chinchorro diving formed by a coral wall lined with both vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as colorful sponges and an abundant amount of tropical fish, among which are groupers, damsels, snappers, lobsters, black tip sharks. , reef sharks and Nurse sharks.

Icon Types of Diving Types of Diving

  • Multilevel and Deep Diving

  • Nitrox and Recreational Side mount

Map Scuba Diving in Chinchorro Central

Immersion in Acuario, Jardines

Small coral wall with a 15-meter platform and a vertical drop from an average of 12 meters at its lowest to 20 meters at its deepest, interspersed by sandbanks with independent coral sections, as well as a gradual slope in its part. deeper in the second section of the site. characteristic for its color and ease of diving.

Icon Types of Diving Types of Diving

  • Fish id

  • Drift

Map Scuba Diving in Chinchorro Norte

Gatas, Baliza and Gonzales

Mixed coral formations between small broken walls, pinnacles, Single coral sections and sandbanks, as well as a wall at a depth of 24 meters, characterized by its diving with Nurse sharks and abundant marine life and colorful coral colonies

Icon Types of Diving Types of Diving

  • Fish id

  • Drift

Map Scuba Diving in Chinchorro Sur

2, 3 Tanks

2 tanks - $190 USD
3 tanks - $215 USD
Duration: From 7 to 9 hours

What is included?

- 2 or 3 dives according to preference.
- Fruit, water, sweet bread and chicken or vegetable Sandwich in the surface interval
- Dive Master for maximum groups of 6 divers for each guide
- Roundtrip boat ride to the reef
- 80 cc aluminum tanks. / 12 liters
- Leads
- Entrance to the protected nature reserve

Extra services available

Private guide

$190 USD

Rental Diving equipment

$25 USD

(BCD, regulator, neoprene, fins and Mask)

Computer rental

$10 USD

Photographic Service

$250 USD

(Photo and video taken by a cameraman and edited)

Nitrox per tank

$15 USD

(Confirmation 24 hours before the dive)

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