Lionfish hunting in Quintana Roo

Safely experience sea lionfish fishing

The lionfish is an invasive species from the Indo-Pacific ocean, no one knows for sure how they came to the Caribbean, although there are some theories, what is real is that they are here and our ecosystem is not adapted to their stay, but they have adapted, although in recent years the populations on our reef have been lower, in any case, they continue to cause damage by not having a known natural predator.

Dive Site

Southern portion of the Mahahual reef/Costa Maya

Any dive site where there are small caverns and space in the coral structures where they hunt and shelter.

Lionfish hunting in Quintana Roo

$85 USD
Duration: 2 hours

What is included?

• 1 tank
• Transfer
• Hawaiian sling (Fishing device)
• Dive Master for a maximum of 4 divers

Extra services available

Private guide

$50 USD

Rental Diving equipment

$25 USD

(BCD, regulator, neoprene, fins and Mask)

Computer rental

$10 USD

Photographic Service

$60 USD

(Photo and video taken by a cameraman and edited)

Nitrox per tank

$15 USD

(Confirmation 24 hours before the dive)

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