Dive Guide

Professional Diving with SSI or PADI certification

First professional level of diving, without a doubt your life is about to change and you will join a select group of divers who, either by profession or personal growth, will start in this enriched practical and theoretical program that will prepare you to start your career as a professional. to dive to another level and that you will undoubtedly be passionate about. During the course you will be involved in everything related to the operation and the day to day of a dive shop in addition to obviously diving a lot.

Where does it takes place?

  • Place(s) where it is taught: Theory in the shop and practice in all different dive sites to amaximum depth of 30meters of 100 ft.

Minimum requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 years

  • Overall Good Physical Shape

  • A dive logged in the last year

  • Have completed rescue diver level

  • Minimum reasonable time 3 weeks

  • Current diving insurance

  • Padi or SSI material (we can assist you to acquire it since it is not included in the price)

  • 40 Registered dives

  • Padi or SSI subscription annuity

  • Basic Equipment (mask, fins, computer and wetsuit)

What is included?

  • BCD and regulator

  • Certification

  • Independent study theory reviews for candidates.

  • Fully equipped dive boat

  • X Dives, minimum 20 but the more time you have available the more dives you can accumulate there is no maximum limit as long as there is space available you can dive.

  • In the case of SSi Access to my SSi and app, with logbook included

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