Diving Expedition Three Places
(Three Aces)

Dive for 3 days in the calm waters of Mahahual, Uvero and Chinchorro

Designed for divers who want more than 3 days away from home and who are looking for more experience and discover unique places, the Mahahual day one dives prepares you for your uvero and Chinchorro dives on days 2 and 3 in a special way, since we have the responsibility of taking care of the protected natural areas of Chinchorro and Uvero and doing our best to ensure that your dives are of the best possible level. Therefore, diving a day before in the coast of Mahahual in order to fine-tune any detail in your diving skills, familiarization with the equipment that you will use a day later in your Dives in Chinchorro and uvero and to raise your dives skills as much as you can in two dives the quality of your dives and that of the whole group.

On day 2 we will visit Uvero, this is located on the southern edge of the Sian ka'an reserve, world famous for being a protected natural area for more than 20 years, which makes it a magical place with an immaculate ecosystem. just an hour and a half away by boat from the coast of Mahahual Costa Maya heading north.

its capricious coral formations with caves, mountains, arches and passages make it another level of diving in the sea, located more than 30 km from the town of Mahahual and with no other towns nearby, its level of conservation and coral coverage are totally world quality level.

Finally and the cherry on the cake is Chinchorro: it is an atoll and protected nature reserve located 22 miles from Mahahual, it is the largest atoll in the northern hemisphere and the second largest in the world. Its Geographic Location, the sustainable management plan of the government agencies involved and the fact that it does not have towns or settlements makes it one of the best preserved diving sites in Mexico and the world.

Famous for the excellent health of its corals, abundant marine life, pelagics, tropical fish, coral formations, and unusual coral cover.

Diving in Chinchorro is like traveling to the past!

Map Diving Expedition Three Places

6 Tanks

$350 USD
Duration: From 7 to 9 hours

What is included?

• 2 dives in Mahahual Costa Maya day 1 and 2 Dives in uvero day two and 2 dives in chinchorro on day 3
• Fruit, water, sweet bread and chicken or vegetable cakes in the surface interval
• Dive Master for maximum groups of 6 divers for each guide
• Roundtrip boat ride to the reef
• 80 cc aluminum tanks. / 12 liters
• weights
• Entrance to the protected nature reserve

Extra services available

Private guide

$190 USD

Rental Diving Equipment

$25 USD

(BCD, regulator, neoprene, fins and Mask)

Computer rental

$10 USD

Photographic Service

$250 USD

(Photo and video taken by a cameraman and edited)

Nitrox per tank

$15 USD

(Confirmation 24 hours before the dive)

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