Atrás What is the basic equipment that you will need to dive in the Costa Maya?

What is the basic equipment that you will need to dive in the Costa Maya?

Check the equipment you will need to dive in Costa Maya

21 de Mar 2023

If you are visiting Costa Maya, in Mahahual, you definitely have to do one of the best activities and experiences that the Caribbean can offer you: diving on the reef and on the Chinchorro bank. For that you can come with us, at Doctor Dive® we are not just any diving club, we are passionate about the ocean and that is why we dive every day, 12 months of the year. Our experience allows us to guarantee that your journey into the depths of the sea will be satisfactory and an incomparable memory for you and your loved ones.

To make the dives in the safest way, you need to have good diving equipment that allows you to pay attention to what really interests you, and stop worrying about skin care, buoyancy, difficulty swimming and of course breathe underwater! Below we list the basic equipment for your first diving experience.


List of basic diving equipment for diving

The diving suit

There are all kinds of suits for diving, the main difference lies in those that are wet (wetsuits) and those that are not, in addition to having different thicknesses. They are selected in relation to the water temperature and range from one millimeter to 7 millimeters. In the place where you are going to dive, Mahahual or Chinchorro, a suit of 1 to 3 millimeters is normally enough, since the main function of any suit is to help you keep warm bodily. On our coast, protection like the one recommended will be enough to protect your body temperature.

The suits also prevent conctac, scratches or stings that you may suffer once submerged.

Diving mask and snorkel

This is the equipment that allows you to enjoy the objective of the trip: the visibility of the seabed, in addition to also protecting your eyes. They must have the perfect size for your face and give you comfort, especially that they resist movement underwater. The mask usually includes a nosepiece and straps to adjust to the size of the head. We will provide you with the best possible size and most suitable model, but it is generally recommended that divers purchase their own mask as the comfort that personal fit provides is invaluable.

The snorkel, on the other hand, is used if you are only going to be on the surface of the water, it is for a more superficial immersion.

Diving fins

The fins allow you to move more flexibly underwater. In addition to reducing the resistance of the water to the movement of the legs.
The length of the fins must be firm, so that it also increases the speed with which you swim. They are the main source of force and propulsion. like the rest of the equipment here we will provide you with the ideal for your activity.

Diving Regulator

This is a pressure regulating system that connects the tank to the diver's mouthpiece. Its main function is to reduce the air pressure in the tank so that you can breathe from it as normally as possible during the dive.

Dive Tank

It is a cylinder or tank where the compressed air is carried. It is connected to the regulator and the diver's mouthpiece. Normally, this activity is carried out with tanks with a capacity of 12, 15 to 3000 pounds of pressure. In Costa Maya, the standard 80 cc tank is generally used. aluminum with 12 liters of air at 3000 pounds of pressure.

The diving vest ( BCD)

Its purpose is to facilitate immersion in the water, it is the part of the equipment that will give you security, stability and help you control buoyancy in the water. The rest of the equipment is installed in the vest: bottle or tank, regulator. In our case, all the vests we provide have an integrated weight system, which makes it very comfortable and easy to use.

Weight belt for diving

It is a belt to which weight is added, but in our case we only use it if the diver prefers the belt over the weight system of the BCD.

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