Atrás What are the types of diving that can be practiced?

What are the types of diving that can be practiced?

Diving is one of the most outstanding and requested experiences around the world

31 de Mar 2023
Diving is one of the most outstanding and requested experiences around the world, it can hardly be compared with any other, since the idea of ​​immersing yourself in adventure and discovering an underwater world completely different from the one we know is full of mystery and adrenaline. Under the sea, life is tastier. That is why there are many ways to classify the different diving practices, since they are intended for different audiences, but with the intention that everyone can experience it.
From Doctor Dive®, experts and passionate about diving, we want to give you an overview of how diving is classified, in addition to mentioning that you will probably find different classifications, but they are made based on: public that practices it, type of activity that performs and the technical aspect of it.

Diving Classification

By target group

Recreational Diving

This type of diving is intended for the leisure and entertainment of those who practice it, its purpose is the fun and relaxation of divers. In general, you do not descend more than 40 meters deep, there are many tourist destinations that offer this type of activity, among them Costa Maya, Mahahual.

Technical diving

This type of diving requires more knowledge and practice from its users, specialized equipment is used that has the necessary certifications and skills to do it. Few people can practice it, due to the complexity of the different types of immersion that can be done: decompression, with gas mixtures, among others. Descending to more than 40 meters deep, its purpose is the investigation and exploration.

Commercial Diving

With some similarities to technical diving, this type of diving is done by people involved in scientific research, searching for treasures and relics at the bottom of the sea, and many other activities that fall into this category. Skills and credentials are required to certify the diver, as it is not recreational.

Sport diving

This last classification concentrates all those who practice diving for sports and competition purposes, based on recreational diving there are several competitions that involve this category: obstacle course, orienteering, weights, combined diving, among others.

There is another classification of diving by the place where it is done:
  • under ice
  • in shipwrecks
  • to great depth
  • In caves
  • in seaweed


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