Atrás Know everything you need to know to dive in Chinchorro, Mahahual

Know everything you need to know to dive in Chinchorro, Mahahual

Welcome to Chinchorro Mahahual a Caribbean paradise

15 de May 2023
Welcome to Chinchorro, Mahahual, a Caribbean paradise packed with activities for the
adventurous traveler. Located 36 km from the coast, in Quintana Roo, within the Yucatan
Peninsula, Chinchorro is an ideal destination for those interested in diving and snorkeling.
With its crystal clear waters, abundant marine life and colorful coral reefs, Chinchorro
provides a unique and unforgettable diving experience.
Whether you are an experienced diver, or already certified but not very experienced yet,
exploring the depths of Chinchorro is sure to be an unforgettable adventure. In this guide we
will cover everything you need to know about diving in this Caribbean paradise, from the best
dive sites to the necessary equipment and some safety tips. We invite you to explore the
wonders of Chinchorro, Mahahual.
The best dive sites in Chinchorro
Black Coral (Central section of the zone authorized for diving)
Undoubtedly, the iconic site in the region for diving is Chinchorro, formed by a coral
wall lined with both vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as colorful sponges and an
abundant amount of tropical fish, among which are groupers, damselfish, snappers, lobsters,
blacktip sharks, reef sharks and nurse sharks. All this at a depth of 15 to 40 meters.
Aquarium, Gardens (Northern section of the authorized diving area)
Small coral wall with a platform of 15 meters and a vertical drop from 12 meters on average;
in its lowest part it reaches 20 meters. It is a wall interspersed by sandbanks with coral
sections without dependents, as well as a gradual slope in its deepest part. Located in the
second section of the site, characterized by its color and the ease of diving to a depth
of 12 to 30 meters.
They are mixed coral formations between short broken walls, pinnacles, boulders,
and sandbanks, as well as a 24-meter-deep wall, characteristic for its diving with nurse
sharks, abundant marine life, and colorful coral colonies at a depth of 12 to 30 meters. .
Marine Life in Chinchorro, Costa Maya 
The Chinchorro atoll is home to a wide variety of marine life, the species that will be
found in these waters depends on the time of year, as well as the time of day.
The most common marine fauna in Chinchorro includes:
- Turtles, they are the most common aquatic animals in Chinchorro, they are normally
found in shallow waters, so they are easy to see during a scuba dive. There are many different
species of turtles in Chinchorro, so you can see from one to 3 varieties of turtles during a
- Barracudas, they are usually found in large schools, so it is likely that you will see
some during a dive. Barracudas are carnivorous, so you would expect them to eat smaller
aquatic animals.
- Nurse Sharks , is one of the main characteristic species in diving in Banco Chinchorro,
without a doubt, very likely that you can dive with several of them next to you,
following you and enjoying the company, totally friendly, confident and happy of your
visit to Their house.
Among many more diverse species of marine fauna, of all colors and sizes to see during your
scuba dive.
Coral reefs in Chinchorro
Chinchorro has many beautiful coral reefs, which are home to many different marine organisms,
including corals, sponges, algae, and a wide variety of fish. Coral reefs are very
sensitive to environmental and temperature changes.
Coral reefs are essential for the survival of many aquatic animals, such as fish, turtles,
dolphins, and many other species. They are the main tourist attraction in the Caribbean region,
as they are home to many beautiful and colorful creatures.
Chinchorro is a Caribbean paradise full of activities for the adventurous traveler, it is an
ideal destination for those interested in diving. Chinchorro provides a unique and unforgettable
diving experience.
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