Atrás How long does a scuba dive in Chinchorro, Mahahual last?

How long does a scuba dive in Chinchorro, Mahahual last?

Chinchorro is a natural reserve located in front of the coastal town of Mahahual

15 de May 2023
Chinchorro is a natural reserve, located 36 km in front of the coastal town of Mahahual in
the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.
It is one of the main fishing villages of the Mexican Caribbean. Chinchorro celebrates an
annual fish festival from the end of April until May 1.
Mahahual is a small town near the Chinchorro atoll, it is famous for its beaches and for
being one of the main destinations for diving in the Caribbean and for beach lovers.
There are many resorts and hotels where travelers can stay in this charming city, which offers
with open arms a unique Caribbean experience with its vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.
Chinchorro is the ideal place to enjoy diving, both for beginners and experienced divers.
If you are interested in knowing more about the expedition to Banco Chinchorro, and how
long the dive you will take lasts, we invite you to continue reading.
Necessary Diving Equipment to dive in Chinchorro [H2]
Before you start diving, you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary
equipment for the activity. Below you will find a list of the most important pieces of
equipment for diving in Chinchorro:
- Mask or visor
- fins
- Snorkelling
- Neoprene suit
- Diving mask
- ballast
- Diving vest
- regulator
Learn more about these items in our next blog entry: Necessary Diving Equipment.
How to calculate the diving time? 
For practical purposes, a dive carried out with Doctor Dive generally lasts between 40 and
60 minutes, which may depend on factors such as having the diving equipment in the most
optimal conditions, air consumption and the depth of the dive. immersion.
Surface Air Consumption Rate (CAS)
Air consumption is measured according to this indicator, it is calculated in consumption
of liters of oxygen per minute. To calculate it, it is estimated what it would take you to
swim on the surface with all the diving equipment on, at a considerable speed. Some important
characteristics to consider are physical condition, age, water temperature, weather, among
Thanks to this, we can say that the oxygen consumption is different in each dive, therefore
the duration of the diving experience can be affected if the oxygen in your tank is consumed
at a different rate.
The other factor to consider is the depth to which you want to dive, since the pressure
is different at different depths. Every 10 meters the pressure exerted on the body increases
by 1 bar, which will increase your air consumption and eventually reduce your time in the
water by consuming your oxygen tank faster.
If you are interested in diving for the first time in the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Maya
in Mahahual, within the Mexican Caribbean, Doctor Dive is your best option. Make
scuba dives with the guarantee of enjoying this experience like no other. We are not
fans of the sea, we are experts in diving, we do it 12 months of the year, in a safe,
professional and fun way.
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