Atrás How is the experience of diving for the first time in Costa Maya, Mahahual

How is the experience of diving for the first time in Costa Maya, Mahahual

Diving is something that without a doubt everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime


Diving is something that without a doubt everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, as it is an activity that will release your adrenaline and desire to try more. Diving into the deep and unknown of the sea is an idea that is attractive to many travelers, tourists and adventurers. At Doctor Dive® we are quite clear about what it means to take a traveler for the first time to the coasts of Mahahual, Costa Maya, or Chinchorro to immerse them in the adventure of the sea.


When we talk about a first diving experience, we are referring to a Discovery Scuba Dive course, which consists of a first approach to the reef. Explore our website to learn more about this first adventure and the various courses you can take there at this link.


For many, the first diving experience can be a reason to feel nervous with a mixture of adrenaline, but we want to ensure that at Doctor Dive® we know exactly what we are doing and having your first dive with us will give you a guarantee of safety, fun and much learning. We want to tell you a little about the first time in the sea, and for this we have divided it into moments before, during and after your dive. Before your dive You are sure to experience some excitement running through your chest. On many occasions you have been in the water, but never under it and for such a long time, so it is normal that you may feel some restlessness. The most important thing is that you don't lose your cool, you're going to do well and it will be a new experience. You will see that any nerves disappear once you enter the water. You will have to test your equipment beforehand, but for that your instructor will help you. Once in the water everything will start to flow. during your dive At this time the diving equipment no longer feels heavy, nor will you feel the discomfort of the heat and of bringing all the equipment with you. The water will give you a feeling of relief and calm, it is exciting to start the adventure. You will try your equipment again, but this time in the sea, once you check that everything works, your instructor will guide you to start the tour. Once submerged, you will realize that the mixture of emotions that you have is settling until you really start to enjoy what you do. after your dive There is nothing left but to remember the good times and colect the photos that were taken. Of course, as we know that the difference between a gratifying dive and a fiasco, is in the instructor, that's why we at Doctor Dive are interested in knowing your opinion, if you have had a trip with us, leave us your opinion: Trip Advisor Doctor Dive If you are interested in diving for the first time in the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Maya in Mahahual, within the Mexican Caribbean, Doctor Dive is your best option. Make scuba dives with the guarantee of enjoying this experience like no other. We are not fans of the sea, we are experts in diving, we do it 12 months of the year, in a safe, professional and fun way. Ask about all our packages and promotions. 

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