Atrás 7 things you most know to dive for the first time!

7 things you most know to dive for the first time!

Learn the must know advice for beginners

14 de Oct 2022

Diving is an extraordinary sport that could tests physical and mental capacity of any one, leads us to explore new limits in nature and it gives us unique and unforgettable experiences at sea. Under the water there is another world to discover and only some adventurers dare to enter. However, diving is an activity that can be done by anyone, with or without previous experience.

Doctor Dive is the best option in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, to accompany you while you learn the art of diving and enjoy the adventure.

Our Expert instructors will accompany you in a close and professional manner so you can learn to dive and enjoy your experience without setbacks. That is why, with the years of experience that support us, we want to recommend you the following.


7 tips for diving for the first time


1. Choose a day with good weather, this is important as weather conditions they will determine whether or not diving is possible, or the visibility while you dive. The advantage is that in Mahahual the weather and sea conditions are generally favorable for allowing diving activities to be conducted safely, safe and always fun way, during the 12 months of the year.

2. Get a good instructor, this is key to learning and especially someone who can answer all your questions and doubts before diving. Do not stay with any doubt, you have to understand the security measures well, the protocols and the signs, since under the water the channels of communication are limited.

3. Save energy, take into account that under water the movements you make will represent a greater physical effort than on land. Try not to make moves wide open or large, stay relaxed and move efficiently.

4. Be careful what is below, although the seabed is attractive and full of mysteries, keep your curiosity for another time, don't touch anything, there are fish, algae and corals that you do not know, better safe than sorry.

5. Communication, in any situation that worries or bothers you, you must notify your instructor immediately. As mentioned above,to be under the water makes communication a little difficult, so you must agree with your instructor on how you will communicate.

6. Check the equipment, before diving it is essential that you check all your equipment as well as your companions. Ask your instructor to explain what each part is called, and how it works for you to be attentive. Adjust everything to your body and get ready!

7. Physical and mental preparation, we already said it at the beginning, this sport can challenge your physical and mental capacity to face new challenges, but it will be fun and safe. Keep the best attitude and disposition!


Get ready to live one of the best experiences in the world!

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