Atrás 5 common mistakes when learning to dive

5 common mistakes when learning to dive

Learning to dive is one of the most extraordinary experiences you can do

16 de May 2023

Whether as a sporting or recreational activity. The experience of submerging in the ocean is unmatched, adding to the number of activities that you can do underwater, the walks and the tourist attractions of the Mexican Caribbean region. Without a doubt, diving in Costa Maya, Mahahual is something that you should put on your Bucket List. To be able to dive and have the full experience, it is necessary to have previous training, as well as two or three dives that prepare you to dive in other types of scenarios. However, when you are learning to dive it is common that you can make some mistakes that are easy to prevent, here at Doctor Dive we are passionate about diving and we want to show you what are the most common mistakes when learning to dive and how to prevent them.

1. Not having enough preparationIt may seem obvious, but there are people who, in order to live an adventure, run the risk of not being honest about their training or diving certifications. This supposes a great risk for the one who practices it and for the one who is your guide. You must remember that not having dived before is not a problem, since there are courses for your first dive, or courses to refresh your memory when diving.When we talk about a first diving experience, we are referring to a Discovery Scuba Dive course, which consists of a first approach to diving. Explore our website to learn more about this first adventure and the various courses you can take there at this link. 2. Finish the air from the tankThis mistake is one that can be avoided, you will learn any technical resource in your diving preparation course, but you only have to control your breaths and keep an eye on the tank gauge, so that your experience is satisfactory and safe. Remember that taking the preparation courses gives you the tools to obtain Air sources from a partner, or make an emergency controlled ascent to swim.3. Losing controlThis mistake can also be easily prevented, as avoiding panicking underwater is practiced in training and preparation courses. Training is your best ally to know what to do in the midst of any situation, also having a certified and reliable guide makes a difference when thinking and acting.4. Diving with limiting conditions.Diving with any discomfort, illness or symptom is not a recommended decision, you should not do any type of immersion if your health is not in optimal conditions. Especially if when flying by plane or arriving at the port you experience discomfort related to the change in air or water pressure, which causes discomfort in your ear, this is called barotrauma.5. Not having a dive planIt is important to consider what you want to do during the dive, without giving too much room to risky improvisation and putting together a plan that meets your expectations, but also takes safety considerations into account. Good dive planning will involve being clear about where you will dive, what you will see underwater, the time to return to the exit, emergency procedures, among others.The more time you spend in the water and diving, the more comfortable and easier it will be for you to get back into the water. Pay close attention to your guide's recommendations and you will see that you can concentrate on having an unforgettable experience. Never let complacency set in! Never hold your breath, constantly measure your air, stay under the supervision of your dive guide, check accordingly, ascend slowly and make a safety stop if possible. If you are interested in diving for the first time in the paradisiacal beaches of Costa Maya in Mahahual, within the Mexican Caribbean, Doctor Dive is your best option. Make scuba dives with the guarantee of enjoying this experience like no other. We are not fans of the sea, we are experts in diving, we do it 12 months of the year, in a safe, professional and fun way. Ask about all our packages and promotions.
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