We offer both one and two tank dives along our local reef with departure times designed to maximize your time in Mahahual. Diving areas are within a 10 minute boat planing.

We are conveniently located in the center of Mahahual. The dive center is in the “Yaya Beach Club” close to the beach.  It is only a few minutes ride from the cruise ship terminal to our facility via one of the tourist vans or a local taxi.  When it is time for you to return to your cruise ship, local taxis are abundant to get you back to the terminal.  The rates to and from the terminal to our facility via taxi or tourist van are very reasonable.

Mahahual ( Costa Maya ) is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in an area known collectively as the Costa Maya. Mahahual is 350 kilometers south of Cancun and 100 kilometers north of the Belize border.


Most people choose to fly into Cancun on their way to Mahahual.  Once you have arrived in Cancun you have several modes of transport from which to choose.



The bus line ADO now offers convenient bus service from Cancun and Playa Del Carmen directly to Mahahual.



If you prefer more flexibility, you can rent a car at any of the several car rental establishments located at the airport.

Once you have your vehicle it is a nice scenic drive south down Highway 307;  This is a new road and is in very good condition, extremely well marked with easy to read and understand road signs.


The trip takes about 4 hours from Cancun and 3 hours from Playa Del Carmen.


— As you are traveling through the jungle, keep an eye out for wildlife.  You may see toucans, monkeys, iguanas and much more.

No  (botón: No)

You don’t need to be a good swimmer, just as long as you feel comfortable in the water. If you are happy to do normal stuff like jumping/diving in and going underwater without fear and can swim a few laps at a leisurely pace then that is enough. Remember you will be wearing fins also and they turn poor swimmers into good ones instantly. Enjoying scuba diving is about being relaxed and feeling confident that your equipment will do what it is supposed to… and it does.

Local diving is on the Meso-American Barrier Reef.  This is the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere.  This reef runs over 900 kilometers from Cozumel in the north to Honduras in the south.

The section of reef that fringes Mahahual is typified by finger formations.  These formations have created numerous canyons and swim through’s.  The reef is extremely healthy.  You will see a large amount of plate coral, cactus coral and numerous other species of both hard and soft corals.


Diving is very easy here, with minimal currents and depth ranges from 40’ to in excess of 100’.  Visibility is usually between 80’-100’.   During your dives, you are likely to enjoy sightings of lobsters, turtles, moray eels, stingrays, barracuda as well as a large variety of tropical reef fish including damsels, butterfly fish, parrotfish and wrasse.

Yes we do! 

During your trip, you will visit a beautiful area of our reef during your trip.  The average depth is 6’-12’ and you will be under the watchful eye of one of our guides.  The average trip length is 1-1/2 hours in duration.  Water and soft drinks are provided.


We offer a full range of courses ranging from discovery programs to instructor level certifications.  You can earn your open water certification with us, or complete your open water dives with a referral from your PADI instructor.  We also offer several specialty courses in a wide range of diving activities.


Non-divers can take a Discover Scuba Diving course in just a few hours and experience the underwater safari we have to offer!

We rent all the quality dive equipment you will need, BCD, regulators, computers, wetsuits and snorkeling equipment.  Our rental equipment features the latest, high quality dive gear by Sherwood Scuba.

We are also a fully equipped dive store, selling a wide range of high quality equipment and accessories.